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Mitch Hedberg is everywhere

This pretty little miss hitched a ride from the grocery store.

The light is so good right now.


Lantern slides showing movie theater etiquette and announcements, circa 1912.

All images via Library of Congress.

(via stayforthecredits)


White Zombie (1932) in Ed Wood (1994)

Submitted post by coupdetorchon!

Me: Have a good day!

Tiny old lady: I INTEND TO! [cackles like cartoon witch for 10 full seconds, slams door on her way out]


from lunar orbiter 1

Everything about this is so fucking desolate, I can’t stand it.


"To every man his little cross. Till he dies. And is forgotten.”

— Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

[post this from the bathroom at DFW and Cara refers to it as a “joke” when I get back to our seats]

me: Maybe I don’t exist and that’s why I haven’t gotten any interviews yet. [nervous laughter] Maybe you’re the only one who can see me. Maybe I’m haunting you?

cara: If you’re paying half the rent, then you’re a pretty good ghost.

me: Fair enough.

What metro Boston AAs are trite but correct about is that both destiny’s kisses and its dope-slaps illustrate an individual person’s basic personal powerlessness over the really meaningful events in her life: i.e. almost nothing important that ever happens to you happens because you engineer it. Destiny has no beeper; destiny always leans trenchcoated out of an alley with some sort of Psst that you usually can’t even hear because you’re in a such a rush to or from something important you’ve tried to engineer.
Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace
  • Mom (out of nowhere): Are you gonna miss me?
  • Me: Jesus, Mom! Of course I am.
  • Mom: Not as much as I'll miss you.
  • Me: Let's not get into a competition about who'll miss the other more, ok?
  • Mom: ok.
  • [several seconds of silence]
  • Mom: But it'll be me.